Zimbra webmail security error screen

Dear Valued Customer,

A security specification of specific internet browsers was changed with the latest version update, such as Microsoft Edge.
Our Zimbra webmail fulfill the security requirement; however, due to this security specification change, security error page may display first when accessing to our Zimbra webmail https://ocean.syscomusa.com.
Customers are able to read inbound emails but may be unable to send an outbound email from the webmail.

If customers need to access to our webmail, please access from https://ocean2.syscomusa.com.
Or the security error page would not display with Internet Explorer 11, which is officially supported by Microsoft.

We are planning to perform server update to prevent displaying the security error page in the future.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation.

SYSCOM (USA) INC. Hosting Team