Collaboration Platform

Cloud Shared Office

Cloud Shared Office is not only a File-Sharing, but True Collaboration.
Cloud Shared Office is a collaboration platform, streamline teamwork by file sharing within your office or outside of the office. Secure environment enables internal and external collaboration is necessary for business.


File Collaboration

Team members can access files and connect with colleagues, accounts, and partners on Cloud Shared Office/ECM to speed up their work. With Cloud Shared Office/ECM, you can avoid reading/sending tons of emails and skip marathon meetings, making your work-life more productive, and your workplace efficiency will be dramatically increased.

File Management

You can add users and upload files as many as you want within a 100GB minimum space.
File spaces are managed by tree view and likewise windows file server. You can type a key words in the search bar, it searches by both titles and full-text. If other employee saved another updates onto a file that you just updated, its version management keeps the updates as records.
Cloud Shared Office will offer the superb file management that eliminates various kinds of limitations, such as a large number of product-images, a movie -file as large as Blu-ray disc and complex-layered-documents and proposals linked to Salesforce objects.

Governance – Corporate control, such as trial/permission management

There are plenty of useful online-storage services to choose from. How do you choose which one to go with?
When compared to on-site file servers, most of them help you to reduce costs while still being easily accessible. For reasons that are not just for simple online storage. It is composed with “Trail Management,” “Application Management” and “Access Management.”

Trail Management
For corporate usage, trail management records are based on access history.

Application Management
You can manage functions and apps nonessential to users by profile.
So, we can give your clients limited functions according to the task.

Access Management
Complicated business and external collaboration will be possible using the configurable access control.


The worst data leak could happen right from within your office. With CSO/ECM, you can control file acquisition by watermark insertions on PDFs, or secure PDFs by preventing them from being printed. Network access control and password policy that permit access only from trusted IP addresses are available as well.


There are fewer companies that consider the what-ifs as things that will never happen. For cloud usage in corporations, many are now looking seriously at what exactly constitutes their optimal usage.
At the very moment you save a file, it will be copied and saved at three physically distant locations. This is what we call Real Time replication. You no longer have to create any back-ups.
Even if your file is destroyed, all you have to do is to dispose of the broken part. Recover another file from an intact disk automatically, maintaining the replications at three distant locations for all time.
If you experience system failure by any chance, the preliminary system is designed to take over ongoing-processes automatically. Your data-base will be auto-replicated in at-least three different nodes.

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