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ASP Easy Paper-Less/Web Conference System



HD Quality

What’s MeetingPlaza?

MeetingPlaza® is a video conference system to communicate with multi-users with sharing document as well. MeetingPlaza® is a unified “productivity” tool that combines voice, data, and video and collaboration tools for interactive and simultaneous use. It helps businesses have more productive business meetings, training sessions and live interactions. MeetingPlaza® is easy to use and provides virtual meetings in a manner similar to traditional meetings held in conference rooms, classrooms, or office settings.

What can you do with MeetingPlaza?

MeetingPlaza® provides these following functions.
  • Communications among participants of the conference are accomplished with a voice, video, chat, and a whiteboard
  • Sharing documents without printing hard copy. PowerPoint, Word, Excel files can be viewed along the video feeds of the conference attendants

Stable Audio, High Performance Video

  • High performance video processing (MMX/SSE)
  • VGA (640×480) video transmission support
  • Selectable Display Layout
  • Mixing up to 7 audio channels
  • Selectable Audio Quality (equivalent to telephone to near FM-radio quality)
  • Continuous version upgrades to take user needs into consideration

Paper-Less, Powerful Document Sharing Tools

    • Web Co-browsing, File Sharing, Application Sharing, Whiteboard and Virtual Printer Image (VPI) Sharing
    • Record/playback audio, video and document sharing, all synchronized

Other Frequency Productive Tools

  • Text chat during the web conference
  • Conference Scheduler to check your meeting schedule and who’s attending
  • Participation via Smartphones/Tables downloaded App
  • MeetingPlaza has a call-in feature for land lines, cellular phones and PBX systems and connects to multiple devices including the iPhone, iPad , Galaxy Tab and other smart devices


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