Customized Cloud

Customized Cloud service provides a suitable system/network infrastructure based on 25 years experience from SI operation.

System Integration (SI)


  • Suitable proposal without vendor or carrier restriction
  • Aim on one stop service from design, procurement, integration, operational, maintenance, DCP, DRP and BCP
  • Continuous proposal using knowledge and data even after implementation


  • Server Implementation
    Server Designing (Sizing、HW Selection/Procurement), Environment Setup(OS Setting、NW Setting、Virtual Environment Setting), Database Installation, SSL Setting
  • Network/Infrastructure Implementation
    Overall Network Designing, Firewall Setup, Router/Switch Setup, LoadBalancer Setup, Internet (WWW, DNS, PROXY etc), Email Setup, AntiVirus, VPN Environment Setup
  • Operational Support
    Operational Support, Monitoring Setup, Backup/Restore Setup

  • Highly reliable security at clavis DC will help customer’s daily operation and it will minimize the number of server, power, space, and maintenance cost.
  • Provides total support. Consultation, relocation, virtual environment setup, operational support.

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