HDD Encryption


HDD Encryption, SafeBoot is an essential tool for mobile work. SafeBoot Device Encryption offers full encryption of data on hard disks and protects PCs and laptops against information leakage from unauthorized access, loss and theft.

Have you been in situations like this?

Company security Compliance
SOX Compliance execution / Security Audit planning
“To prevent information leak and loss or theft of PC, avoid taking your PC out of the office!”

In House IT Staff/Help Desk
“Security and convenience conflict… What can I do?”
Outside Sales Person or Business Trip
“Going on a business trip tomorrow, need to email from the hotel room…etc. I can’t work without a PC!”
Misplaced PCs
PC or Hard Disk is stolen / lost!
Former Employees
Former employee’s PC contains confidential data
Can you ensure the security of the data? This problem can be solved with encryption of hard disk!

Even if PC is stolen or lost, avoid leaks of company data! Encrypt the entire hard disk!

  • We provide Client / Server-type operation which gives you centralized management of your security policy
  • Remotely lock out PC remotely
  • Available at cloud (ASP) service

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