Secure Email Gateway

Email is the one of necessary tools to run your business and ease communication within the company or organization. On the other hand, there is a concern about miss-sending emails causes misunderstanding or trouble between your company and client. It is highly important to start setting up a forwarding rules as your business security.

Example of Troubles caused by Email

  • Sending to Wrong address

    It is not rare that a colleague did not take a look at the receiver’s address carefully, the internal email with some joke was also accidentally sent to an important client.
    This unfortunate case definitely damages your trust from your client.

  • The Wrong Attachment

    You were sending a quotation to your client A, however the attached quote with additional discount was for the other client B. After that you were tend to give the client A a same discounted price since you got a claim from them.
    And also, it is not rare to send an uncompleted email to a customer accidentally during multitasking.
    Likewise, one email could cause information leakage of business critical or confidential information, at the glance of data loss prevention, it is highly necessary rule that you should have not to cause any trouble.


Our Email Forwarding Solution

  • Does not send email right away

    The function requires the sent email to be forwarded to your manager or supervisor before sending to the client or outside of company. Once the email is approved, it proceed to be sent to the client.

  • Finds keywords as an inappropriate message

    You can setup the keywords that stops sending process by observing email sentences and attachments.

  • Protect the information details

    There’s no 100% possibility not to send wrong recipient a wrong Email attachment. Portal-based encryption is an easy-to-use method that allows users to receive and reply to encrypted messages and attachments.


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