Secured Mobile Remote Access


MagicConnect Mobile makes it possible to remote control of the desktop screen of the office PC*, secured and easy from the mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. By using MagicConnect, you can perform PC tasks just like when you are at office whenever you are you want. It is effective for business continuation when you are not able to commute to the office, or when you are on a business trip or vacation.
*(Note: Windows PC only supported: Apple Mac and OS below Windows XP is not supported)

MagicConnect is Perfect for These Situations

The Reasons Why MagicConnect is Highly Secured

  • Sophisticated Authentication

    MagicConnect VPN connection authentication combines user ID/password data, plus mobile device information. This prevents remote access from third-party, and ensures archive strong protection against spoofing.

  • Easy to Use

    MagicConnect only requires getting client program installed on your office PC. The installation can be done quick and easy steps. Virtual mouse enables your office work smoothly. It requires Web-enabled environment. There is no need to modify network settings such as open firewall ports, modify router settings.

  • Secure Access

    MagicConnect is a screen-based remote access application. That prevents file transferring to the device with ensuring data loss.

  • In Case of Device Lost/Stolen

    There are possibilities for mobile device to be lost or stolen, so the user administrator can disable the user account remotely. Using the administrator functions, you can change the passwords of managed users, set IP address- and MAC address-based connection restrictions, and access logs that show the times of connections and the remote access applications used. From the general user’s screen, general user can change own password and browse own logs.

  • Ensuring Business Continuity and Enabling Mobile Telecommunicating

    Without carrying a heavy notebook PCs around, from your mobile device, you can access your office PC wherever you are. Work with your email and data files as usual–your desk and your office go wherever you go. In a natural disaster, or other obstacle prevent commute to your office, as long as you can access Internet, you can perform your usual work remotely and ensure business continuity.

Excellent Features of MagicConnect Mobile

Secure Multi-factor

Fully Minimizes
the Risk of Data Leaks

Preventions Infection
From Virus

Shuts Out
Snooping Attempts



Flexibly Choose
Any Combination

Consisted Service

Compliant OS

Remote Device

iPhone/iPad、Android Devices

Target Device

Windows 8/8.1、7、Vista
Windows Server 2012、2008、2003

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