Secured Remote Access

Secured and Qualified Remote Access MagicConnect
Bring your office with you whenever you go!

MagicConnect is a remote access service what allows you to operate your office PC by calling us desktop screen images to your remote devices.
If you are out of office at home, or even overseas, you can work as if you were still at your desk by using a PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to the Internet.

Just insert the USB key into the PC of your choice

Transform the way you work! MagicConnect is perfect for these situations

Case 1: Mobile work

Tie up loose ends at work during your space moments outside the office and boost your efficiency without need of returning to your desk in order to draft estimate, send email, take care of requests for approval, etc.

Case 2: Telecommunicating

Get your work done without having to duplicate your office PC environment at home. Use MagicConnect to handle your busiest work periods or to provide options for workers taking care of children or family members at home.

Case 3: Business continuity

Even if circumstance prevent employees from reaching the office, they can still finish their work at home using the same data files they have at work. MagicConnect allows you to minimize impact on your business and avoid work interruptions.

Case 4: Remote maintenance

Get accurate information on systems that you maintain, all without modifying the network environment of those systems. MagicConnect helps shorten downtime when systems trouble occurs.

Here is WHY MagicConnect Boasts the NO. 1 Market Share!


  • Secure multi-factor authentication

    Blocks unauthorized access to your office PC through multi-factor authentication that requires hardware specific information in addition to a username and password.

  • Prevents infection from virus

    Only the registered remote operation application can be used on MagicConnect’s encrypted communication channel. Virus cannot use this channel, which means they cannot infect the office network.

  • Fully minimizes the risk of data leaks

    Data leaks are prevented with a file transfer prevention feature that ensures that data files on the office PCs and servers can never leave office.

  • Shut out snooping attempts

    Uses a communication method whereby only users can call up screens on office PCs, so any third parties, including the service providers, are unable to view your office PCs.


  • Easy step

    Install the program on your office PC and setup is complete. Omits any extra tasks for users or administrators since MagicConnect can be used without any changes to firewalls or other existing system settings.

  • User friendly

    User feedback has been incorporated into a design that is easy to use for all. In particular, the “virtual mouse” feature allows PC-like screen operation even from smart devices.


  • Flexibility choose any combination of connections

    MagicConnect allows various connection configurations, these include a 1:1 connection between your remote device and office PC, N: 1 connections between multiple users simultaneously accessing shred office server, or other types of connections.

MagicConnect is Designed with High Security Features

Using HTTPS protocol, the same as with a web browser, MagicConnect communicates from programs on your remote device and office PC to the MagicConnect server, which acts as a communication relay and establishes an encrypted channel for all communication. Operation commands are sent to the office PC and screen data is sent to the remote device along this communication channel using remote desktop.

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