Security & Maintenance / Operation

Service Contents

Our CLAVIS monitoring technicians provide operation maintenance service for clients’ server and network.


  • 24-hour monitoring system
  • Troubleshooting log management by ticketing system
  • Real-time email reporting service is available
  • 24 hours call center operation, CLAVIS HOTLINE

Basic Operation Services

  • Alive Monitoring
  • Periodical monitoring by human
  • Trouble detection / report
  • Accepting maintenance staff

Extended Operation Services

  • Periodical operation
  • Trouble time operation
  • Tape media exchange
  • Disaster recovery plan,
    save backup media
    in alternate location
  • Hardware maintenance

Extended Monitoring Services

  • Process monitoring
  • Resource monitoring
  • Log monitoring
  • TRAP monitoring

System management

CLAVIS specialists conduct various works such as troubleshooting support on behalf of customers’ system administrators.


  • Quick response for trouble on behalf of customers’ system administrator
  • Initial failure diagnostics software / hardware
  • Inform and report according to a designed workflow
  • Report and propose improvement plan after trouble shooting
  • Capacity management to prevent from trouble on resource and to improve continuity

Service Case Studies

  • Troubleshooting/Support service
  • Capacity management service
  • Apply patches when required
  • Web access log reporting Service
  • Periodic reporting
  • Carrier and vender coordination

Troubleshooting Process

CLAVIS specialists provide troubleshooting support on behalf of clients’ system administrators.


Network management

CLAVIS specialists manage operation for firewall/network device on behalf of clients’ system administrators.


  • Manage firewall operation on behalf of client
  • Design and manage security policies, access log tracking, apply patches
  • Create access list and set up VPN policies
  • Operate Internet system such as IDS (Intrusion detection system), load balancer, proxy server, DNS server on behalf of client

Examples of Services Provided

  • Managed firewall service
  • Network device management (VPN, DNS, Load balancer, AntiVirus, Spam Filter, etc.)
  • Data traffic management (optimize bandwidth, QoS, traffic shaping)
  • Data/Voice/Video

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