Server Access Log Auditor

Server Access Log Auditor is an Enterprise On-Server Log Analyzer developed by Amiya Corporation that protects your business from insider information leaking, future audits, or lawsuits.

What is Server Access Log Auditor?

Server Access Log Auditor is a tool you install server-side to tell you exactly who is looking at your most critical data files. Server Access Log Auditor takes cryptic, hard-to-decipher server log data from your server’s operating system and converts it into an easy-to-see picture for security management:

Why use Server Access Log Auditor?

Suppose that one of your employees requests his resignation and two-week notice, for example. You should be aware that the employee might be acting suspicious or accessing confidential files such as customer list in the last days and weeks.
It is not secure enough to get the work PC and phone back from the employee, you need to know what kind of files/data he have been accessing to, and it is necessary to keep the records as an evidence, analyze easily and accurately.

What is Server Access Log?

An access log is a list of all the requests for individual files that employees have requested. It shows associated files that have been transmitted by who and from where. The access log (sometimes referred to as the “raw data”) can be analyzed and summarized by specific text format, however, the format is too completed to recognize the access log records one by one.

Major Benefits of Server Access Log Auditor

No further operation needed by client PC

  • No impact on the current operating server or network
  • No external Agent is required to run on either client PC or server
  • Integrated All-in-One functionality for collecting and search

Easy Analyze by the complicated raw data

  • Converts log files to actionable Information
  • Indexes files for easy search
  • Analyzes files to find suspicious patterns

Lightweight manageability and maintenance

  • Compatible with various other integrated log system
  • Log archive is compressed to less than 1/1000 of the size

Multiple Languages

  • Support in English/Japanese


Server Access Log Auditor collects and analyzes data from your OS server logs, so it does not slow your business at critical times. There is no need to have corporate-wide updates or upgrades, ALog is installed on-server, so it can grow easily as your business grows. Install Server Access Log Auditor on the servers with the data you want to protect.


You decide what servers and what files to monitor. Server Access Log Auditor will tell you who access the file, when they did it, and what action they performed.


The most purpose that we recommend to keep your log files stored and safe in case of future audits or lawsuits. Server Access Log Auditor can take your logs and compress them by as much as 1,000:1 before analytics. Once analytics are done, Server Access Log Auditor reduces the size yet again. In total, you can compact your server logs by as much as 40,000:1 for long-term on- or off-site storage.

Experience in the Field

For the past seven years, ALog ConVerter® has been the number one choice among Japanese companies looking for a no-hassle on-server data security product. Amiya’s ALog ConVerter® walked away as a Gold Winner for Global Excellence in the 2013 Info Security Products Guide Awards.