Target Email Attack Preventive Training


Think before you click! One wrong click can sabotage productivity.
Are you prepared for Targeted Email Attacks?

A targeted email attack is when an attacker sends a “disguised email” with malicious text or URLs with the intention of stealing personal information from their victim.

Contrary to the traditional method of sending out virus-infected emails to an unspecified amount of people to cause harm; targeted email attacks aim at specific individuals and organizations to steal their information. In recent years, there has been an increasing number of incident reports where the contents of the targeted email attacks are tailored to their victims.


Traditional Email Attacks

Most virus & malware can be blocked by system and only few emails contains those can pass through.

New Targeted Emails Attacks

Attackers just send out emails not containing malware or virus itself but they are sending legitimate emails. But if you click URL or attachment, it will try to access website which tries to steal you identity and/or password, or tries to install malware on your computer.

Fact 1: Your data may not be their ultimate goal

  • The attacker will abuse the address list they stole from you to create more victims.
  • Using an employee’s PC as a stepping stone, they will invade your company’s, or business partner’s, network and attempt to steal valuable data.

Fact 2: They are narrowing down their targets

  • The attacker will send emails that seem like your everyday work emails. However they will contain viruses and links to websites with malware.
  • The attacker will use a variety of tricks to fool you without appearing suspicious.
  • The attacker will disguise themselves to be companies that you know.

Fact 3: You can be targeted without owning critical data

  • Users with important company information, or personal information are not the only ones who get targeted. The people around them are also targeted.
  • If an everyday conversation with an individual who has access to sensitive company information gets leaked, they may use “disguised emails” to extract the important data.

Why is prevention training necessary?

  • Don’t let users click on malware or links that downloads malware.
  • If malware is downloaded, report it immediately. (Have an appropriate first response)
  • A combination of educational preventative measures and technical preventative measures for multi-layer security.

Summary of Service


Targeted Email Attack Preventive Training

Effect & Feature
Send a dummy targeted email attack.
Experience targeted attacks.

Display educational contents to those who opened the email. (Training ends for those who didn’t)
Educate users who need the knowledge.

Send another dummy targeted email attack.
Further increase user’s awareness.
Display educational contents to those who opened the email.
Educate users who need the knowledge.

Report the results.
Compare the results from the first and the second test.

Recommend further security measures.
Have multiple layers of security with the user and the system.
Standard Premium
Basic Charge $1,000~ $1,000~
User Fee $7.00 / Email address
(One “dummy” email to the user)
$10.00 / Email address
(Two “dummy” emails to the user)
Follow-up Seminar $1,000~
(One time Webinar)
Log Data Included Included
Report (Optional) Various “dummy email” add-ons & educational contents add-ons

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