Token-less Authentication


SECUREMATRIX® is a highly secure token-less authentication solution, combining patterns and images to form a one-time single use password that can be used for Desktops, Windows, Mobiles, Tablets VPNs, E-mail, Intranets, Web Servers, E-commerce and other network resources. The SECUREMATRIX® system eliminates the risk of loss of device and password, the workload of device management, and the cost of replacement.


The system consolidates all authentication policies to increase user compliance and allows authentication from remote locations to access internal resources. SECUREMATRIX® is highly secure in any situation, it allows vast number of password combinations, allows combination of image password and fixed password, prohibits easy-to-guess patterns, automatically locks potentially compromised accounts, and easily identifies signs of fraudulent access.

  • Create an easy to remember password image pattern using any location and input order on the matrix table.

  • Patterns are much easier to remember than random words or numbers.

Highly Secure

SECUREMATRIX® enhances the security of enterprise and cloud-based applications and services.

  • Login using One-time-password (OTP)
  • Secure VPN/SSL-VPN endpoints.
  • Secure Cloud-based applications and resources.
  • Secure desktop/virtual desktop login.
  • Secure web servers. (Reverse proxy with OTP)
  • Provision for monitoring authentication, authorization, and administration services of cloud-based environments.
  • Compatible with PC, Virtual Desktop, tablet, and smart phone.
  • Flexible and customizable risk and authentication policies.

Cost Effective

  • No token required.
  • Scalable environment “Pay-As-You-Grow” performance.
  • Token-less solution helps contribute to Green Computing.

Easy to Use

  • Easy and speedy deployment.

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