Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Virtual Private Server is a monthly service that provides a reliable and on-demand virtual server environment on a per virtual server unit basis. Together with our operation management services, we can offer a more efficient and stable operation environment.


  • Easy to start “Small Start, Quick Start”
  • Maximize server recourse by consolidating unused resource
  • (Efficient for Application, ERP, and Development server)
  • No need to purchase server or prepare environment


  • Virtual Hosting Service
  • Basic Virtual Server (Scandalize CPU, Memory, Disk)
    Internet Usage
  • Optional Service
  • Resource Expansion (CPU, Memory, Disk)
    Backup Service
    Monitoring/Troubleshooting Service (BCP (data recovery))

Virtual Server will help Business Continuity Planning (BCP).

Besides general data backup, virtual backup/restore will help to minimize the downtime.

Virtual Server is suitable for physical servers located in different place.

Easy to have a copy or virtual server. Adding another virtual server is easy to implement.

clavis virtual hosting service is a service that provides reliable virtual server depending on customers’ need. The service is monthly and it can be an efficient service by using operational management.

Total support by using Virtual Server with operational support.

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