Vulnerability Assessment Services

Find potential vulnerabilities in servers, PCs, and other network equipment. Offer accurate solutions, and assist in strengthening your security.

Without finding risk, inspecting it, and understanding the context around it, it is impossible to efficiently reduce security risk. ClavisWatch VA will dynamically search through a range of your company’s “attackable” points to find undetected vulnerabilities. It can then determine the level of threat by inspecting the exploitability of the discovered vulnerabilities, and measuring the regularity of the security patches. And by understanding the context around that vulnerability, we will calculate the actual risk that accompanies your business.

SaaS Platform – Vulnerability test at a low cost

clavisWatch VA is a vulnerability assessment service that will find vulnerabilities that exist in your company’s public/internal servers, computer’s OS or middleware, analyze, and report it.

By using the industry standard, Nexpose by Rapid7, to generate detailed diagnostic reports, SYSCOM will be able provide efficient solutions tailored to your company’s specific needs.


Simplified Solutions: SaaS Platform

  • On premise, SYSCOM will provide and set up an appliance that can scan your company’s intranet network.
  • Generate a report in 1~3 days.
  • If necessary, provide detailed information through a cloud portal.

Analysis of Diagnosis & Solution Plans

  • We will provide recommended actions for the problems discovered.

Key Points for diagnosis

The type of device Network Equipment, Server, PC’s OS Version
Device vulnerability Device’s OS、Network Equipment’s Firmware’s vulnerability check
Identify services in process Categorize services in progress (http. smtp, dns, etc.)
Investigate services’ vulnerability Check Software’s Vulnerability (Apache, IIS old version, unpatched)
Investigate configured services’ vulnerability Check defect of service (SMTP 3rd Party involvement, SSH account is default, expired credentials, etc.)
Identify malicious software Check Backdoor or P2P Software behavior

Diagnosis Process

Step 1: Hearing

Consult with the customer about the systems and number of IPs that are to be reviewed.

Step 2: Preparation

Prepare and install a scanning appliance for the customer’s environment.

Step 3: Diagnosis (Free)

Run multiple scans on the chosen IPs with the diagnosis tool.

Step 4: Basic Report (Free)

Run multiple scans of the chosen IPs with the diagnosis tool.

Step 5: Detailed Report (Charged)

Submit a detailed report.

Step 6: Solution

Submit a solution plan


Basic A (up to 128 IPs)
  • Executive Summary
  • Top 10 Risk Summary


Basic B (Up to 5 IPs)
  • Executive Summary
  • Top 25 Risk Summary
  • Full Report


  • Executive Summary
  • Top 25 Risk Summary
  • Full Risk Report
  • Cloud Portal Access

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