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Message from the President

2019 marks our 29th year since establishing SYSCOM (USA) INC. in 1990. Ever since we started, our management philosophy as an independent technology company has been focused on offering services that do not depend on specific manufacturers. Instead, we understand each user’s unique IT needs.

The uninterrupted operation of IT systems is critical for a company’s business, however IT systems planning and management are not the core business of many companies.

We focus on technical knowledge as a core edge of engineering services, including IT system planning, processing, and migration of users’ intellectual assets to a cloud service. By providing the most effective and secure system implementation, as well as ERP application, a critical operation for business management, we expand our capacity to provide ICT systems for our clients, in order for users to be able to concentrate on the main focus of their business.

Our midterm three-year action plan starting in 2019:

We will strengthen solution enterprise in infrastructure solutions, and expand the technology service for critical operation of the DATA Center.
For the general user, we will restructure our organization so that we can focus on larger enterprises, we are working to reinforce our technology groups and extend the 24 hours system support, and maintenance in order to satisfy customers.

As a customized Cloud provider, with Cloud Centers in both east coast and west coast, our Cloud business department will promote customized Cloud services focusing on the specific requirements of each user rather than on the scale of sales.

We will expand to a global base of users in ERP solution, as well as expand ERP/CRM implementation to a broader range of enterprise users.

Currently through 2018, MS D365 roll-our project has been expanding not only in USA and Mexico, but in all Asean countries, as well as the EU. We are expanding our Tokyo team to process worldwide ERP implementation demand and rapid growth of our clients.

President & CEO
Seishi Sato