Management Policy & Strategy

Management Slogan

Make High-Level ICT Technology More Accessible / Friendly, convenient, comfortable and innovative society in which ICT works instead of humans.

Strategy to Accomplish Our Mission

  1. Be an ICT corporation that respects our employees’ talent and skills, and swiftly responds with next-innovation.
  2. Encourage employees’ challenging spirits for innovation and embrace their failures. Provide support and encouragement as they accomplish their goals.
  3. Be a corporation that sustains a stable management and talent flow.

Mid-term business management goals (2019-2021)


  1. Reinforce and expand the area of solution project for Data Center.
  2. For large enterprise users, customize a team of specialist staff members to provide advanced SE and technical support, and manage the global scale of service.


  1. Shift from on-premises IT assets to the Cloud Center.
  2. Ensure co-existence of hybrid system and outside cloud; provide highly reliable security monitoring system.


  1. Reinforce the implementation and operation locations for global companies and multi-enterprises.
  2. From our Tokyo office, implement introductory plans to Japan, ASEAN and EU.
  3. Roll-out projects have expanded to US, Mexico, and South America, ASEAN countries and the EU. We will make sure that we have the human resources need to support growth and expansion.

Mid-term Business Earnings Forecast (2019-2021)


Based on feedback from 300+ clients, the demand for security, system implementation, and migration to cloud environment is growing. We expect sales and revenue to increase, especially for the DATA Center systems planning and support of financial institutions and information industries.


Based on results of 170+ clients, our main revenue comes from customised cloud service. We co-exist with the public cloud and our customized cloud is a key to expand the business. This is stable, profitable business model.


Based on results of 60+ clinets, MS Dynamics 365 operational solution service is expanding to ASEAN countries, Japan, US, Mexico, South America. We are planning to hire the necessary resources at New York and Tokyo to support growth and expansion, and we expect rapid growth sales in 2021.

Mid-term Business Earnings Forecast