Operation Support Service

Help Desk Service

Depending on the customer’s requirements, we provide business operation and accounting outsourcing services, such as ERP data entry and documentation, to improve the customer’s management efficiency tasks. Implementing a standardized process of operation prevents business risks such as individualization of operational duties.

Examples of Support Provided
  • Filling in a Form
  • Fixed Asset Report
  • Variety of Management Documents
  • Variety of Documentation Service both in Japanese and English
Advantages of Help Desk service
  • Expediting the Management Process
  • Work Hours and Cost Optimization
  • Standardization of Operation to avoid Business Risks

Consolidated Financial Statement Support

By implementing a system to eliminate the manual process of generating consolidated financial statements, you save time and avoid individualization of the work.

Examples of Support Provided
  • Create templates for pre-consolidation in the U.S.
  • Extract Chart of Accounts from accounting/ERP system
  • Provide communication tools between management companies and production companies
  • Create reports for consolidated financial statements

Project Management Support

We support new business development in foreign countries for Japanese companies.
From ERP software implementation to accounting consultation, we coordinate projects seamlessly by cooperating with Japanese headquarters, local offices and local vendors.

  • Project management
  • Business planning for Japan-based companies in the U.S. includes internal control and IFRS
  • Organizing scope of work, project schedule and project cost for ERP projects
  • Comprehensive support that range from IT infrastructure to business application
  • Constant communication with local staff (in Japanese, English, and Chinese)

Offshore Software Development

We leverage our global partners, those beyond Japan and the U.S., to build business development teams in order to optimize project cost, man-hours and project schedules. Contact us for software development solutions that meet each countries’ unique requirements, from local taxation to compliance.