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Solution for Refund Check from Vendor

ERP Products, Edition
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 Business Essential


  • Customer received refund check from the insurance company.
  • Customer would like to manage this refund check under the vendor account rather than treating as other income.

Return Function in Payable Management (Purchasing Module)

A. Create Return Transaction

Transactions >> Purchasing >> Transaction Entry

1. Enter the following information

Left Side

  • Document Type: Select “Return”
  • Description: Enter purpose of this transaction
  • Vendor ID: Select Vendor ID
  • Returns: Enter refund check amount

Right Side

  • Doc. Date: Enter date which you wish to process for this transaction
  • Document Number: Enter Vendor’s Document Number for this refund check.
    *If vendor’s document does not have a specific number, you can enter the comment like example below


2. Enter check information

Check: Enter Check Amount

“Payable Check Entry” Window

  • Checkbook ID: select Checkbook ID which is going to deposit
  • Check Number: Enter Vendor’s Check Number
  • Date: Enter date same as Doc. Date


3. Set/Confirm Accounts Distribution


Accounts Distribution will be as follows:

  Debit Credit
Prepaid Expense $3,000
Cash $3,000

4. Data Confirmation/Post

a. Create/Save Batch ID for this transaction
b. Click “Printer” button to print out “Payable Edi List” for data confirmation
c. Post

B. Check Result on “Payable Distribution History Report”

Reports >> Purchasing >> History

“Purchasing History Reports” window

  • Reports: Distribution History Detail
  • Option: Select “Prepaid”

Purchasing History Report Options

Set the following information

  • Document Type: [From] “Invoice”, [To] “Return”
  • Posting Date: Set a date range at “From”/”To”


Print the report; save this definition for future inquiry.

*Note: “Payable Transaction History Report” displays all transactions including voided transactions. You cannot exclude voided transactions if it displays

C. Bank Deposit/Bank Reconciliation

In detail operation, check the following section at GP User operation manual:

  • Bank Deposit
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
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