Finance, Trading, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, etc. – Project Management of Office Relocation

Company Overview

Finance, Trading, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, etc.

All Across the U.S.

Background and Solution

Build the IT infrastructure / network foundation for a new factory and office environment

Coordination and management of various vendors

Construction & Relocation Related Vendor Coordination

Many Japanese customers who have high standards for vendor services have a difficult time adjusting to the American vendors that require constant follow-ups, schedule adjustments, and checks in combination with the language barrier. Syscom can perform these coordination with various vendors on behalf of the customer to reduce the burden. There are Japanese vendors but only a few, and most of the coordination will need to be done in English. Syscom’s bi-lingual employees can assist in making this process much smoother and easier. Vendor coordination is very important for any project because any coordination mistake can lead to delay in schedule as well as increase in overall costs. It needs to be executed with absolute attention to detail.

Introducing Results

  • Office and factory opening met the deadline through careful vendor coordination
  • Prevention of communication mistake and the reduction of the customer’s burden was achieved by creating a single point of contact (Syscom) as opposed to juggling multiple vendors.
  • Clear understanding of various vendors and processes was achieved by the customer without the worries of the language barrier.
  • By contacting each vendor frequently, flexibility against any vendor adjustments was achieved without detrimental effects.
  • Avoided customer confusion and improved customer understanding of the whole process through careful and precise reporting of any issues that arose throughout the project.
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