Manufacturing – Deployment of Wireless IP Phone and Paging System in the Factory

Company Overview

Manufacturing (Automobile Parts)


Background and Solution

Build the IT infrastructure / network foundation for a new factory and office environment

Deployment and consolidation of IP phone and paging speaker system (CISCO & Valcom Integration)

Deployment of Wireless IP Phone And Paging Speaker (Cisco/Valcom)

Factory workers need to move from machine line to machine line frequently, and the use of wired terminals are highly inefficient and lowers productivity since the workers have to keep moving to where the wired terminals were placed. In order to improve communication between the office and the factory as well as amongst factory workers, wireless phones were deployed. Calls had to be taken at a specific location in a wired phone environment, but location freedom was achieved for factory workers by deploying a paging system that can make factory-wide announcements. Also to have future scalability to implement a system in another remote location which could be reached via internal extension number, an IP phone system was deployed instead of the legacy PBX system.

Introducing Results

  • Improved communication of the employees within the factory.
  • Improved communication between the factory and the office.
  • Achieved future scalability for a new location to be reached by internal extension numbers via IP phone system.
  • Improved communication efficiency by dividing the factory into different zones, where different departments can contact specific groups of workers.
  • Improved productivity by enabling factory workers to work and communicate messages simultaneously.
  • By unifying IP phone system and paging speaker system, the announcement to the factory was enabled from any telephone.