Manufacturing – Deployment of Wireless Network within the Factory

Company Overview

Manufacturing (Automobile Parts)


Background and Solution

Build the IT infrastructure / network foundation for a new factory and office environmentv

Deployment of wireless access points in the factory to enable the use of wireless phones and wireless scanners

Wireless Network Deployment in the Factory (Meru Wireless Access Point)

Having wireless network terminals in the factory improves productivity of the workers and eliminates operational inefficiency since workers are not limited to a certain area in the vast factory to have network connection. Wireless signals can become weak at certain spots within the vast area of the factory and wireless terminals could lose network connection as both workers and machines move around. In order to achieve a stable wireless connection, MERU Wireless Access Points were deployed, which are highly suitable for factories, hospitals, and schools where the number of users are in abundance and the area covered are vast and spread out. (Dual Band n 5GHz compatible. Max 300Mbps)

Introducing Results

  • Smooth and stable wireless connection was achieved for the wireless telephones and wireless scanners for inventory control.
  • Eliminated the previous issue of constant wireless disconnection.
  • Reduced network construction costs compared to a wired environment. (In a wired network, both high and low voltage electricity wiring were required)
  • Seamless data transfer to the server from the wireless terminals was achieved. Scanned barcode automatically sends the inventory data over the wireless network.