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Company Overview

Finance, Trading, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, etc.

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Background and Solution

Server renewal and consolidation

Reduction of server deployment cost, simplification of operation and management, and improvement of backup

Server Virtualization (VMWare)

One of the biggest hurdles for deploying new servers is the cost. Not only do businesses have to worry about the labor costs, but hardware and software costs also increase with the number of servers which create an aversion to renewing the servers. In recent years, it is the norm across businesses of all industries to target the reduction of deployment and operational costs by reducing the number of hardware through virtualization. 4 different servers can be deployed on a single hardware using virtualization technology, as opposed to having 4 separate physical servers.

Introduction Effects

  • Reduced server deployment cost
  • Simplification of management and operation
  • Minimized the underutilization of the server resources by allocating them efficiently
  • Effective use of the installation space and saving of power consumption costs were achieved by reducing the number of deployed hardware