IT Outsourcing

We support your various outsourcing needs with a comprehensive service that ranges from consultation to operational support.

  • Consultation
  • IT Outsourcing
  • Help Desk


Our experienced engineers are eager to support you with system integration, operations, datacenter outsourcing, and other IT needs you may have.

Consultation case studies
  • Systems implementation
  • IT operation improvement
  • System management
  • DC utilization
  • Cloud integration
  • Etc.

IT Outsourcing

Syscom will realize your corporate IT strategy from planning to operation as your IT department or supporting member using PDCA methodology.

Help Desk

We are here to help you solve problems – either on-site or remotely.

From User Support to System Operation, our experienced specialists will support your IT business.

Examples of Services Provided
  • Remote Help Desk
  • On-site Help Desk
  • Permanent help desk
  • IT Daily Operation Support
  • Application operation support
  • Etc.